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Shows I want to see (caution: wish-listing ahead)

This is a list so I can keep my shit straight in my head. I’m not going to all of these out of town dates unless god seriously smiles on me and lets me win the lottery or something, but it’s nice to dream and it’s a nice distraction from everything else shitty.

  • Tues 8.9 - Stamps ( +other bands) @ The Thunderbird Cafe 8pm
  • Weds 8.10 - Fake Problems & The Swellers @ The Smiling Moose (aww yeah) 5:30pm (lol early shows)
  • Tues 9.6 - MC Chris @ Mr. Smalls 7pm
  • Tues 9.13 - Jon Walker @ Shadow Lounge
  • Tues 9.20 - Empires in NYC
  • Weds 9.21 Empires in Grantham, PA
  • Fri 9.23 Empires in Columbus, OH
  • Tues 10.18 Arctic Monkeys @ Stage AE
  • Sat 10.22 Empires @ Musica in Akron, OH (favorite venue)
  • Tues 10.25 Taking Back Sunday @ Club Zoo
  • Weds 10.26 Empires @ Allston, MA
  • Thurs 10.27 Empires @ The Space in Hamden, CT (2nd venue I ever shot them in)
  • Sat 10.29 Empires in Baltimore, MD
  • Sun 10.30 Empires in Philadelphia, PA
  • Tues 11.01 Electric Six @ BrilloBox PGH
  • Thurs 11.03 Empires @ Carnegie Mellon University (holla!) PGH
  • Empires in Seattle (pleasepleaseplease come through like you promised, Tom)
  • And then it’s time to be sad again ‘cause christmas and winter will drag me into the abyss.

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